Over the course of time, Film has developed out of a narrative and dramatic tradition in which the art of storytelling is a central concern. Through every film, we gain in depth understanding of our world, the challenges we face, and our potential solutions to solving them. In particular, films that highlight social issues have become, in our time, the lens through which we see our world, and the tools through which we seek to change it.

The appeal of storytelling as a form of communication, comes precisely from this ability to excite then resolve tension and restore equilibrium in a neat and satisfying way. Stories are all pervasive in our culture, it holds the clue and the cure. We are storytelling creatures who seek to report experience, clarify tangled emotion, define and amuse ourselves through narrative: jokes, anecdotes, myth, romance, parable, folktale, history, fiction. Stories, it is argued, inspire, heal, inform, and empower: forms of consciousness, ways of thinking that help us to deal with the unexpected, to imagine other possibilities.